The ATS is designed to provide maximum flight simulation fidelity at minimum cost. Using the latest in COTS PC-Based simulation technology, the ATS provides:

• Upgrade path for full motion, 6 Degree of Freedom (DOF) platform

• Real-time weather download from the National

Simulation Software

The flight simulation subsystem is responsible for rendering the aircraft simulation model as well as the Out The Window (OTW) display. The software uses the latest in COTS technology to provide accurate scenery and weather simulation. A complete world-wide Jeppessen database of airports and navaids is included. In addition, each pilot has the ability to add navaids, waypoints, and specific scenery details. Using a standard high-speed Internet connection, the simulation software provides real-time weather data which is not only presented on the OTW display, but also on the pilot/copilot radar displays.

Center Console

The Center Flight Console is a full-featured backlit avionics package with bright LEDs and high resolution encoders for a

professional look and feel. The throttle section is equipped with throttle handles and integrated TO/GO/ AT switches, speed brake lever, and thrust reversers lever. The Avionics console includes a Comm radio, Dual Nav radios, DME, Transponder,

ADF, Rudder, and Aileron trim control. Just below the throttle levers are the Parking Brake switch, Fuel Cut Off Switches, and Flap switch.

737NG (ATS) Advanced Training System


The Advanced Training System (ATS) has a Gel Coat enclosure, fully functional Pilot/Co-Pilot PFD (Primary Flight Display) and ND (Navigation Display), Mode Control Panel (MCP), Dual EFIS Controls, Center Pedestal Console, Dual CDU/FMS, Upper and Lower EICAS displays, Throttle Quadrant and much more. The main instrument panel (P1/P2/P3) includes the Landing Gear Panel, Brake Panel, EFIS Panel, Digital Clock/Timer, Upper and Lower DU controls. In addition, a Flight Director button is provided for both pilots which allows for individual selection of Dual Cue or V-Bar.



The ATS cockpit is an exact 1:1 copy of the Boeing 737-800, including functional EFIS, FMC, MCP, EICAS, and flight controls. The ATS is designed to work in a standard office environment.

Network Compatibility

The ATS supports both military and commercial networks including IPX, Direct-Play, UDP, DIS, and HLA. In addition,

PTS can be networked with other highfidelity OFT, WST, UTD, or PTT training devices in typical Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) environments.

Visual Display

PC-IG technology delivers softwarebased tiled, soft-edge-blended, superhigh resolution (2 meters per pixel) visuals

at 60-85Hz, composed of 2048 x 1536 pixels overall. 

Computer Systems

 The ATS computer system is comprised of multiple high-performance TCP/IP networked computers. Six individual computers are used to drive the flight simulation, OTW display, flight displays,and cockpit controls.

Instructor Operator Station

The IOS is designed to make mission setup, control, and post flight debriefing user-friendly. The IOS presents a God’seye view of the pilot’s aircraft. The instructor can create scenarios including changing weather conditions and systems failures before or during any mission.

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