Viper XL Simulation System

Flight-Dynamix has developed state of the art Full Mission Simulators, Avionics Trainers and Aggressor Stations based upon the popular F-16 Fighting Falcon (aka "Viper").

The Viper XL provides full fit, form, and function for the F-16 driver. Using glass instrumentation and displays, the Viper XL allows trainers to simulate any facet of the pilot education curriculum. The Hi-Fidelity Viper XL configuration includes the side and center consoles, ACESII ejection seat, HOTAS controllers, 15" heads-down LCD touch screen and 10.4" LCD Center Pedestal Display.

This video showcases the avionics features of FDX's F-16 Viper XL flight simulator. Watch more of our videos here.


  • Height – 50” (127cm)
  • Width – 58” (147cm)
  • Length – 61” (155cm)
  • Weight – 350lbs (159kg)
  • Seat Adjustment – 6” (fore and aft)


  • 60" OTW Display System
  • DMO Hi-performance, HLA 1.3 compatible software license
  • Modified side stick controller with pressure transducers
  • Fully integrated and functional simulated LRUs.
  • Instructor Operator System console
  • Annual Maintenance agreement and software upgrade programs are available
  • Shipping, delivery and setup are not included in the unit price.

 Customer List

  • Lockheed Martin Training and Logistics (LMTL) - Orlando
  • USAF – Robins AFB (HARM Missile Training)

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