Key Pursuits

Flight-Dynamix has developed state of the art Full Mission Simulators, Avionics Trainers and Aggressor Stations based upon the popular
F-16 Fighting Falcon (aka "Viper").
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We have also developed mission and avionics trainers for the new F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter. The F-35 devices include Deployable Mission Rehearsal Trainers (DMRT). Using the latest in PC-based COTS technology, these simulators provide high fidelity visuals, open architecture, reusable software sub-systems, and cockpit touch screen display. Learn more here.

The 737NG Advanced Training System (ATS) is a fully-functional version of Boeing's most popular jet trainer. The 737NG ATS provides fully functional EFIS, EICAS, MCP, dual FMC/CDU center and throttle quadrant panels. The 737NG ATS is a Federal Aviation Administration compliant level-4 Flight Training Device (FTD) using a world-wide Jeppessen database. Learn more here.