Who We Are

Fight-Dynamix is an Aviation Simulation Corporation, founded in 2001. We continue to do business with multiple corporations and military branches across the U.S., and with multiple militaries around the globe. Here at FDX we believe that preparation breeds victory, and we aim to prepare every pilot to be equipped to their full potential. Flight-Dynamix deals with military contracts both nationally and internationally, and also has worked under contract in cooperative measures with both militarized and commercial jet manufacturers such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon to name a few. 

FDX specializes in production of life-sized high fidelity Aviation simulation systems, which play a vital role in the enhancement of "hands-on" experience in the professional world of both military and general aviation. Flight-Dynamix' top-of-the-line simulation allows governmental and/or private entities the opportunity to train individuals their procedures and responsibilities without the pressure of real-life costs or consequences. The purpose of Flight-Dynamix is to offer training hardware and scenarios in the form of virtual aviation learning stations. Flight-Dynamix does this with elite precision.

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